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Corona-Infected Woman Gives Birth To Four Children At The Same

A woman infected with corona in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has given birth to four children, doctors said, adding that the condition of the mother and three children is out of danger.

According to Indian media reports, when a woman resident of Uttar Pradesh, reached the hospital for maternity, the doctors tested her corona virus before the operation.

The test report of the woman was positive and the doctors performed all the procedures following the precautionary measures.

According to the report, the 26-year-old woman, who tested positive for the corona test, was out of danger before the delivery and did not face any problems.

The doctors decided to operate on the patient based on her medical condition and then took her to the labor room.

According to doctors, the woman gave birth to four children at the same time, the mother and three children are completely healthy while the condition of one is critical.

Doctors have taken samples of newborns and sent them to the laboratory to find out if babies are infected with Coronavirus.

All of the woman’s immediate relatives also tested positive for COVID-19, with some hospitals denying the woman admission before she was transferred to the facility, the statement added.

One such case were reported in the mid of may when a 28-year-old pregnant woman with COVID-positive who was denied admission by some hospitals after going into labor gave birth to a baby and the newborn tested negative for the infection, doctors said.

The woman gave birth to a girl on 15th of may, 39 weeks of pregnancy and the girl tested negative for the coronavirus. It was a normal delivery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital said in a statement.


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